Transitioning to the IBM Cloud with IT as a Service


Enterprises need to take advantage of the agility, flexibility and speed of cloud to remain competitive in this digital age, but with that comes the risk of increased IT complexity.


A lot of the core and critical systems companies operate on were never designed to be in the cloud environment, this is why a hybrid model is becoming the go-to choice for a number of businesses. With Enterprise IT as a Service, IBM is helping clients accelerate their transition to a hybrid cloud model while providing cost savings and enabling business growth.


IBM Fellow and Master Inventor Mickey Iqbal goes into detail on the best methods of moving an IT infrastructure to the cloud and why a hybrid environment will allow them to gain incremental benefits, be more agile, able to provide different tiers of services and see a return on investment during this transition.


Watch the video to learn more about transitioning to the cloud and see how IT Optimisation means you can more efficiently utilise your IT resources to be better aligned with your business goals.

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