Consumers at the heart of healthcare

While the healthcare industry has always been perceived as quite a private and confidential industry, other sectors (particularly retail) have been steadily building on a more individual approach to their practices.

No one can deny that there must be years of data stored about our buying activities; preferences in clothing, sizes and more. The leading retailers know so much about us, probably more than we appreciate. And they can deliver nearly all of the items we like in as little as a day. It’s an entirely different world of consumerism, and it continues to get better at serving its customer base.

Healthcare consumerism, on the other hand, isn’t as straightforward and is still very much based in traditional environments, such as hospitals, surgeries, clinics and pharmacies. Making things happen usually means you have to go somewhere, it takes a long time, everything feels limited. On the whole, it’s an inconvenient experience.

It’s time. Healthcare needs to embrace the capability and convenience found in the retail industry. Both consumers and health professionals are saying they’re ready, and with consumers starting to feel more engaged when it comes to how they receive their service, new perspectives are emerging around how all of this could actually work.

There’s still much to learn. But for service providers like you, there will be countless opportunities to help new and existing customers compete in the health and wellness ecosystem to control costs and offer improved quality of care.

Helping healthcare providers embrace the change from traditional models is not only going to be essential, it will be key to transforming healthcare service delivery as we know it. Sign into the MSP Hub to access this whitepaper and watch the webinar here to find out more about how you can offer value to healthcare providers.

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