Transform your SAP deployment

68% of managed cloud service users have stated using such services helps them better manage resource allocation and makes SAP and Oracle costs more predictable.

Moving major, business-supporting applications to the cloud can be a challenging transition and there could be a number of potential issues standing in your way; be it concern about the physical migration of your data, data loss risks, potential business disruptions or even security threats.

Gaining business support to transform business-critical applications may be hard, if not impossible, to achieve. However, managed cloud services are a strong solution to offset concerns about managing your business critical applications.

Freeing up constrained resources allows you to accelerate your service deployments and reduce return on investment time. Managed services removes the daily operational detail from IT staff, allowing them to focus on areas that deliver higher value and business differentiation.

Read this whitepaper to see how CIOs are finding success using managed cloud services and view recommendations on what to for in a managed cloud service provider.

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