Transform your MSSP business with leading threat detection

Transform your MSSP business with leading threat detection

Have you ever considered driving revenue through providing managed security services?

The top need amongst clients like yours, according to an MSP Benchmark survey of 2020, is ‘meeting security risks’.1

Which is why 72% of MSPs reported an increase in revenue when they added security offerings to their services.2

Naturally, to achieve the fastest and surest increase in business, you need to make sure your security technology is the best available.

And to help you ensure this, we’ve created an ePaper setting out all the crucial information you need to know and consider: IBM Security’s MSSP Partner Program – Driving revenue with best-of-breed threat detection and response solutions.

As you’ll soon discover, the IBM Security MSSP Partner Program has been specifically designed to empower the monetisation of a unique market opportunity.


Keeping one-step ahead of cyberthreats

As cyber-attackers become ever-more sophisticated in their threats, security has to continuously evolve to counteract their endeavours.

The increasing adoption of remote working has only added to the challenge, as has the growing complexity of ever new regulations and official directives that emerge each year in an attempt to mandate stronger security controls.

Enterprises of every size now recognise that they must take a more proactive approach to security monitoring, threat detection, and response: but most organisations simply don’t have the capabilities or expertise to do all this on their own.

It’s predicted, for instance, that there will be 3.5 million unfilled cybersecurity jobs by 2021.3

To operate both efficiently and securely, enterprises have very little alternative but to seek out a security partner delivering easily deployed, best-of-breed threat management and incident response solutions.

Which is where you come in.

But much like your clients, you can’t do it alone either.


Providing all the support you need

The IBM Security MSSP Partner Program enables you to rapidly build a suite of differentiated offerings, speedily go-to-market, and acquire new customers.

It provides access to world-leading security technologies, such as the ground-breaking IBM QRadar®, which includes out-of-the-box use cases, analytics, and dashboards to ensure you can effectively solve a broad variety of your clients’ critical security issues.

You can also leverage IBM’s unique ecosystem of expert advice, flexible business models, and distribution channels.

It even provides ESA/MSSP co-marketing funds to help you optimise and grow your managed security service offerings and effectively and profitably meet your clients’ needs.


A new route to growth

Would you like to be able to deliver security services more competently and less expensively than your clients can achieve on their own?

Then read the ePaper today to discover how partnering with IBM ensures you and your clients can stay ahead of the security technology curve.



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