Workshop: Add cognitive capability to your applications, France, multiple dates

IBM Watson is ushering in the new era of cognitive computing; one where systems learn from interaction. First movers have a competitive advantage, and industries will be disrupted and transformed. But IBM can’t do it alone.

IBM is teaming with software developers, entrepreneurs and visionaries to bring cognitive computing to the market in transformative and inspiring ways.

If you are looking to add cognitive capability to your applications, then you can get up-close and personal with IBM Watson cognitive technology and the new APIs being released at this training event.

The workshop will show you how cognitive computing applications are being built today and how you can access the APIs and demos to inspire your development work.

Dates: 15 May / 5 June / 3 July / 11 September / 2 October / 13 November / 4 December

Time: 9am – 5pm CET

Location: Jean-Baptiste Clement, Noisy-le-Grand, 93160, France

Language: French

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