To successfully move from public to hybrid multi-cloud, flexibility is key; watch the webinar


Businesses might share many similarities and goals, but particular needs differ; and so each of your clients is undertaking an entirely unique cloud journey.

A flexible solution is required and, as discussed in this webinar, it comes in the form of The Cloud Infrastructure Alliance, bringing the expertise of four leading tech companies into one remarkable offering:

  • Juniper tried and tested security
  • VMware standardisation of interactions
  • Lenovo reliable servers and platforms
  • IBM migration and extensive services

So if you and your clients would prefer to leverage only the components required as you scale cloud capabilities and accelerate business growth, catch the webinar now.


Manuel Oscar, Juniper, EMEA Alliance Team IBM

Dennis O’ Neal, IBM, EMEA Lenovo and Juniper Alliance Leader

Sunny Sahajpal, VMWare, EMEA Strategic Alliances Manager

Dave Treacy, Lenovo, Solution Architect at IBM SIH West

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