Ginni Rometty: “Let’s put smart to work”

Technology today is smart, but is smart enough?

At the recent Think 2018 event, Chairman, President, and CEO of IBM Ginni Rometty, urged us all to “put smart to work”; an inspiring new mantra for IBM. She discussed how we are now at a pivotal moment — an inflection point for business, society, and all of IBM.

It’s a new battlefield, where we all must think about going on the offense, and many can win.

“The answer is the data,” Rometty shared, advising that we must learn exponentially, and make learning part of every business process.

“If you learn exponentially, you become the disruptor.” IBM believes that clients will seize this moment, be the incumbent disruptors, and benefit from the exponential rate of change.

She said that for businesses to win, they must:

  1. Leverage digital platforms
  2. Embed learning in every process
  3. Empower people with all forms of digital intelligence

IBM is focused on helping to augment the relationship between man and machine. Rometty stated, “Our business model is not in conflict with your business model.” IBM is partnering with some of the most innovative global leaders to move enterprises forward into the new era of man + machine, an era of data and artificial intelligence (AI).

She then welcomed Lowell McAdam, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Verizon, to the stage. “The plan for fifth generation technology will usher in the fourth industrial revolution,” McAdam predicted. The main topic of discussion was Verizon’s 5G and its potential to transform global business. “There’s not one industry that won’t be hugely disrupted.”

Michael White, CEO-designate, IBM-Maersk Joint Venture, then joined Rometty in a conversation about this critical partnership and its efforts to transform industries with the help of blockchain technologies. “Blockchain will do for trust and transactions what the internet did for information,” Rometty said, as they discussed what’s next for the partnership, the industry, and the technology.

She then greeted Dave McKay, President and CEO of the hugely successful Royal Bank of Canada, as they talked about how his organisation is winning with data and putting Watson to work for exceptional client experiences.

Watch the Think 2018 ‘Chairman’s Address: Putting Smart to Work’ video now.

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