The Weather Company: instant insight, with IBM Cloud


Every day, hour or even minute, millions of people rely on and for information about the weather that’s relevant to them. As a result, those sites are subject to delivering huge amounts of data at high speed, particularly during major weather events such as hurricanes and tornadoes.

The weather Company needed to find a way to meet these extreme scalability challenges with speed and reliability, so they can provide accurate information and help people stay safe.

Weather is unpredictable, and we need to be able to spin up or spin down as fast as weather happens.” Travis Smith, B2C Enterprise Architect, The Weather Company

To stay on top of this challenge, The Weather Company reengineered its entire web platform around IBM Cloud, migrating to a secure, scalable global architecture that enables them to:

  • Unlock significant cost savings on cloud hosting and support
  • Accelerate deployment of new services with Kubernetes
  • Expand their global reach, with access to a larger number of data centres in local markets

The world’s top weather property now runs on IBM Cloud, giving us the hyper-scale elasticity we need to handle even the most dramatic spikes in traffic.” Jagmeet Chawla, Global Head of Architecture Office and Cloud Engineering, The Weather Company

In the video you’ll learn that by helping your clients build their cloud solutions on open-source software, they are in a stronger position to meet future growth and scalability challenges, while being able to bring other benefits into the equation, such as reducing the burden on DevOps resources, using Kubernetes.

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