The top five improvements of IBM Cloud Private

Enabling your clients’ transfer to the Cloud is now easier and smoother than ever, as IBM Cloud Private has been upgraded.

IBM Cloud Private V3.1 comes with numerous improvements and enhancements, including a simplification of the getting-started procedures, as well as easier updates and new Minio-based storage options.

There’s also a streamlined user experience, allowing the deployment of a larger volume of catalogue content while requiring fewer parameters, whereas workloads and data can be containerised and even isolated using namespace control.

Put simply, the upgraded IBM Cloud Private V3.1 now offers you and your clients all these additional benefits:

  1. Easier getting-started and updates
  2. Upgraded Kubernetes and Calico
  3. Streamlined user experience
  4. Isolated workloads and data with consistent auditing
  5. More storage options


Catch up on all the other details of the upgrades here on our IBM Blog Page. You may also like to see what’s new in IBM Cloud Private.

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