eBook: The technical foundation of IBM Cloud Private

Private cloud has evolved from being a luxury to a necessity for businesses. Businesses are searching for multi-cloud and hybrid services to meet their changing needs and partners can’t simply think about an individual service, instead needing to think about the overall life cycle of cloud-based computing.

Our partners require the flexibility and elasticity of the public cloud with the manageability, structure, architecture, control, and security already supported within their own data centre.

IBM Cloud Private is a prepacked, enterprise-grade solution that delivers a single platform located behind your firewall, able to be leveraged on premise.

The eBook explains the fundamentals behind a private cloud, the changing computing landscape, and how our partners and their customers can get the most out of it. It looks at the technical foundation of IBM Cloud Private also covering DevOps, analysing the data collected and how to manage a multi-cloud environment.

Download our ‘IBM Cloud Private for dummies’ eBook and get deep, technical insights into how IBM Cloud Private works in conjunction with IBM’s public cloud services.

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