The risk-based approach to application security management

A recently updated Whitepaper sets out in detail the five most important steps you need to take to ensure application security is a strategically managed discipline.

This second edition of ‘Five Steps to Achieve Risk-based Application Security Management’ includes new findings and suggestions, giving you an invaluable best-practices guide to protect your clients against any attacks.

For instance, did you know that 65% of organisations experienced a SQL Injection attack that successfully evaded their perimeter defences? Similarly, 90% of the top mobile apps have, at some point, been hacked, as most software applications aren’t built with security in mind.

Obviously, your clients are depending on you to offer an effective way to manage their app vulnerabilities, providing security that’s already built in rather than being regarded as nothing more than a final consideration. And by following IBM’s 5-step approach, you’ll not only be able to help your clients manage app vulnerabilities, but you’ll also be able to demonstrate remediation progress to your clients’ management team.

To learn more about this approach, you can watch a video here called ‘5 steps to managing your clients’ app vulnerabilities’.

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5 steps to managing your clients’ app vulnerabilities

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