The Right App on the Right Cloud

The Right App on the Right Cloud_Forrester Report

If you’re aiming to untangle your clients’ cloud platform complexity, Forrester’s recent in-depth survey of over three hundred cloud users has all the facts, insights, and advice you need.

As we’ve come to expect of Forrester’s independent and objective research, it yields several important recommendations enabling cloud platform expansion without adding to its complexity.

Among many other things, it evaluates factors determining where and how enterprises will build and run key workloads as they extend their use of different cloud compute platforms, both on- and off-premises.

A major cause of cloud complexity stems from the pressure companies feel they’re under to hurriedly test and deploy as much new technology as possible, in order to respond quickly to both external and internal competitive drivers.

They need the reassurance to take time to step back and evaluate how each new platform or tool can best fit their operational needs.

Yet as businesses in general suffer from a lack of sufficiently and specifically skilled staff, they’re all seeking the kind of cloud migration, security, and compliance services you provide.


The growth of Cloud complexity

Over the next two years, companies are set to continue the trend of increasing their use of cloud-based infrastructure and decreasing their use of traditional on-premises bare metal servers and VMs.

Companies are adopting new multiple cloud platforms to support an acceleration of application modernisation (both customer-facing and back-office systems), building new cloud-native applications and greater infrastructure efficiency.

However, using different infrastructures across private and public cloud platforms, along with highly distributed and fragmented data, plus inconsistently defined security policies, all come together to make cloud complexity all the worse.

In short, companies find themselves vainly attempting to transform a collection of disjointed cloud projects into a more consistent cloud strategy.

To keep expanding without adding complexity, companies must increase infrastructure efficiency, unify security, and establish DevOps tools and practices for how they build, deploy, connect, manage, and optimise apps on all cloud platforms they use.

Realising they must match the right app to the right compute type and environment, while also maintaining security, increasing performance, and keeping costs in check, enterprises are turning to services partners as part of their cloud strategy.

Which, of course, is where your innovative solutions come in.


Reducing Cloud complexity by targeting key challenges

The goals of simplification are reliable workload portability and governance.

This requires the adoption of consistent networking and operations across clouds, along with identifying where new cross-cloud management tools are needed to deploy, protect, and connect apps on multiple platforms.

It’s also a matter of establishing the best approach to building and deploying container-based apps, as well as determining the right cloud migration strategy for core applications.

Utilising the findings and statistics uncovered, the full Forrester report sets out a number of invaluable key recommendations enabling you to deliver the differentiated, effective solutions your clients require.

And here’s another useful fact to act on: IBM’s open and secure cloud is trusted by 47 of the Fortune 50 companies, and you can discover why here.

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