Vision 2020: The impact of mobility, IoT & AI

Mobile Vision 2020: The future of mobility, IoT and artificial intelligence - whitepaper

Our Forrester Consulting Mobile 2020 Vision report guarantees to give service providers an insight into the current management of various endpoint form factors by enterprises and how this will change over the next 3 years.

Key understandings for MSPs/CSPs:
– The impact of mobility, internet of things and artificial intelligence on the future of business transformation in 2020
– How consolidation plays a key role in bringing down total cost of ownership (TCO)
– How are organisations planning for UEM (Unified Endpoint Management) for the future

Read the report now and prepare ahead for future changes.

If this wasn’t enough encouragement to start providing unified endpoint management, take a look at the reasons why you should partner with MaaS360, IBM’s UEM solution, by clicking here.

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