The IBM Cloud is the cloud for enterprise


The IBM cloud is not the cloud you know.

Not restricted to industry, the solution can be provided to all your customers. From insurers protecting cars from storms and banks shielding financial transactions from security breaches, to healthcare providers protecting medical data whilst still making it accessible to doctors.

Embed the IBM Cloud into your portfolio and offer your customers a cloud that’s been designed for their data and is secure to the core.

To learn more about accessing advanced Cloud technologies in partnership with IBM, check out our infographic by clicking here.

[Video transcript:

This is not a cloud.

This is a car protected from storms by an insurance company that knows the weather down to the square block.

This is a diamond tracked on a blockchain, protected from fraud, theft and trafficking.

This is a financial transaction, secure from hacks and threats, others can’t see.

This is a patient’s medical history made secure, but still available to their doctor at their fingertips.

This is an asteroid, live streamed to millions of views from 220 miles above earth.

This is AI trained by experts in 20 industries, your industry. Hello.

This is not the Cloud you know, this is the IBM Cloud.

Built for your business.

Designed for your data.

Secure to the core.

The IBM Cloud is the cloud for enterprise. Yours.]

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