The Bunker: Solving the storage security dilemma

Soaring data volumes and stricter regulations mean organisations are now faced with the challenging of storing data, for longer periods, on a tight budget. For many, the solution is public cloud storage, but for other companies in more highly regulated industries such as healthcare and financial services, this is often not an option for legal reasons.

This exact issue was recognised by The Bunker about five years ago. With many of The Bunker’s customers working in the financial, healthcare and public sectors, the organisation needed to find a way to deliver secure, compliant storage without the expense of traditional on-premise solutions.

Working with IBM Platinum Business Partner, Tectrade, The Bunker started to harness IBM Cloud Object Storage to underpin a new, ultra-secure deep archiving solution.

Housed in military-grade datacentres, The Bunker’s solution is a viable alternative to public cloud storage and offers customers three key benefits:

  1. An easy way to comply with regulations by storing all data in the UK
  2. Reduced risk by ensuring customers they can access large volumes of data when needed
  3. Eliminates costs by reducing customers’ reliance on expensive on-premise storage

Access the full case study to learn more about The Bunker’s challenge and transformation.

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