The advantages of cloud-based security

Did you know that 60 per cent of CISOs say their attackers are more sophisticated than their defences? Or that the average data breach costs US $4M?

The good news is that by adding IBM’s innovative and protective next-level security to your offerings, you’ll not only strengthen them, you can also increase revenues and client satisfaction.

Being seen as a dependable partner that offers enterprise-class security solutions to organisations of all sizes gives you a competitive edge in the marketplace, and with cloud-based security are many advantages, for you and your client base:

  • Deliver affordable solutions that overcome your clients’ lack of capabilities and staffing
  • Speed, ease of use and reliable uptime
  • Manage mobile devices as well as traditional computers across an entire business

To find out how you could start building a future through industry-leading solutions, take a look at our security infographic.

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