Tech Talk series: Call for Code AI and bots webinar


Commit to the cause. Push for change.

Call for Code is all about inspiring developers like you to help solve the world’s largest natural disaster challenges with code.

With the right applications, we can:

  • Improve our ability to prepare for disasters
  • Build more resilient communities
  • Safeguard the health and well-being of individuals and institutions

In a previous webinar post, we discussed how Blockchain can be applied in this worldwide initiative. This time, we’re looking at the way AI and bots can be applied.

Having tools that can translate and convert speech to text, and vice versa, can improve how fast people are warned and assisted.

In this webinar, IBM Developer Advocate, Amara Keller will be showing us some techniques for natural language processing and AI capabilities that developers like you may be interested in working with, for your Call to Code entry.

To access all the ‘getting started’ and code pattern links mentioned in the webinar, please visit the Tech Talk page.

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