Eight success stories: developing solutions with IBM (French speaking)

Video 1: Softeam on IBM Watson, Cloud, Analytics

Softeam is the leading IBM Analytics partner in France with more than 400 certified people.

Watch the video to see how IBM helped create the Softeam Innovation Lab.


Video 2: Talium on Blockchain

Talium, expert blockchain integrator has chosen Hyperledger Fabric from the IBM Blockchain offer, to help accelerate its business.

Watch the video to see why IBM is the business’s partner of choice, offering the business scalability and security.


Video 3: United Biometrics on Cloud and Security

United Biometrics, IBM’s cybersecurity partner, offers a strong, multimodal biometric authentication platform hosted on IBM Cloud.

Watch the video to see how building on the IBM Cloud platform has allowed United Biometrics to deploy either on the public or private cloud, based on individual customer requirements.


Video 4: GenApi on Watson

French publisher, GenApi, has offered the first chatbot to answer the problems of the notarial professions, with IBM Watson.

Watch the video to see how the solution has allowed GenApi to put its customers first and succeed with a fully integrated partnership with IBM.


Video 5: Eiver on Cloud, Watson, and Analytics

Eiver uses the IBM Cloud, Watson and Cloudant services for its driving enhancement application that rewards responsible drivers.

Watch the video to learn why the basic system of IBM Cloud led Eiver to their partnership and see how IBM’s resources, expertise and support has allowed the business to industrialise its solutions.  


Video 6: WATsNext on Cloud, Watson, and Blockchain 

WATsNext works with its customers on cognitive and artificial intelligence projects, using IBM Cloud and Watson technologies.

Watch the video to see how IBM gives support to WATsNext in the form of training and expertise during concept development, to allow the organisation to develop its business on topics for the future.


Video 7: Golden Eyes on IBM Watson Campaign Automation

Golden Eyes assists retailers and distributors in all stages of the customer journey, from acquisition to engagement.

Watch the video to see how IBM Watson Campaign Automation allows Golden Eyes to consolidate its offering and enhance the performance of its relationship programs.


Video 8: Aktan on Blockchain

Aktan is the publisher of the first SaaS dissemination platform of Design Thinking.

Watch the video to see how their partnership with IBM provides access to a broad network of technical and business experts, many cognitive services, and the best of cloud and blockchain technologies.

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