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Christophe Malet, Manager, Paris IBM Business Partner Solution Hub:

“The world is moving very fast. We have to transform. IBM is doing that too, and we are here to help business partners facing the trouble in transformation of new technologies. And of the speed, they have to be very quick and very accurate in your technology approach. That’s why we’re here to help.”


Andrea Overthun, Manager, Ehningen IBM Business Partner Solution Hub:

“We do have data centre capacity, same as classroom and training facilities, we are engaging not only with classroom services but also with one-on-one workshops in order to allow you to scale your development activities, in order to excel on go-to-market success with your clients.”


Christopher Malet:

“If you need three, four, ten, 15 servers, we can provide you with these machines, or you can also come with your customers and we’re going to be happy to meet them, or help you closing deals or do anything that you need.

“We don’t think of partner sizes. Everyone is more than welcome here. If you’re a small start-up, just come here and ask us any question or technical question you want.”


Andrea Overthun:

“The Business Partner Solution Hub addresses solutions with the system integrators and cloud service providers to really master and excel their solution development with IBM technology, in the space of Cloud, Cognitive and services, and data services.”


Isabelle Rabbione, Team Leader, Europe IBM Business Partner Solution Hub:

“We provide technical support to our partners at any stage of their journey, whether they need to understand which technology fits their needs, or they need to learn how to integrate that technology into their solution or application, whether they need to train their technical staff on our IBM technology, of if they wish to organise an event with their client on the IBM premises.


Andrea Overthun:

“We want to help you to step up to agile development, to better and faster deliver client journeys, and make business with your client in the market.


Isabelle Rabbione:

“For any partner who wants to stay ahead of the game, who wants to develop at speed, the IBM Business Partner Solution Hubs is really an accelerator for growth.”

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