The software-defined data centre: Get the most out of today’s infrastructure

No area of information technology infrastructure has witnessed as much constant change in recent years, as the data centre. But now the rise of the software-defined data centre (SDDC) is bringing about a new type of transformation, with automation, increased agility and intelligent services. And by combining the SDDC with new trends in cloud and virtualisation, businesses are far more able to get the most out of their infrastructures, both on-premises and cloud.

The Aberdeen Report not only examines how a strong foundation in both the cloud and internal data centres is enabling organisations to get the most out of their infrastructure, but also how it’s preparing those organisations to be more able to take advantage of any new technologies on their way.

Bringing this into the application of IBM and VMware, Principled Technologies also wrote a report based on hands-on testing, examining how organisations can reduce their IT overhead by creating virtual environments for applications on IBM Cloud. Specifically, they looked at implementing a virtual environment, comparing the results with an on-premise solution, and what the impacts were on value.

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