Snapshots from CloudFest 2018

Snapshots from CloudFest 2018

CloudFest brought together under one roof all that’s new and exciting in technology and internet innovation. Amongst the 7,000 attendees, there were a number of inspiring experts from the Cloud industry who outlined their visions for the future.

“IBM is extremely focused on supporting the Cloud service providers today,” said Marisa De Peralta, Worldwide Cloud Service Provider Programme Manager at IBM, adding that this support includes a wide range of services. “We have infrastructure that can build the foundation for cloud service providers and from there they have a stable foundation from which they can grow.”

It was an opinion robustly backed by Robert Haas, the Department Head of Cloud and Computing Infrastructure at IBM Research Zurich. “Cloud service providers have a big responsibility; they help us drive the future of IT, whether it’s in compute, in storage, or in networking,’ he said.

David Cremese, of European Business Development File and Object Storage at IBM Systems, explained how this was all coming together: “Spectrum Storage Suite is the way for CSPs and MSPs to have access to our entire panel of software-defined storage technologies with a single product and protect their investment forever. An IBM Storage utility offering is the way for them to pay as they grow, minimising their upfront cash requirement to allow them to spend on technology as they collect more revenue.”

The Manager of Experimental Quantum Computing at IBM Research, Jerry M. Chow, added that the best time to really engage as an ISV with IBM was “Right now…because we’re starting to define the software stack. A lot of it is open source, and we’re looking to engage with the entire community to define this in the future.”

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