Simplify your hybrid cloud adoption with IBM Cloud and VMware


Businesses in virtually every industry are looking towards the cloud as the platform that can drive them forward. With IBM Cloud and VMware, service providers like you can help your clients access the latest in cognitive, Internet of Things and advanced analytics capabilities.

With a hybrid cloud infrastructure, it’s easy to combine existing on-premise hardware with the IBM Cloud and transfer VMware workloads as and when required. With continuing ROI from hardware, and no-commitment access to scalable cloud capacity, you and your clients can start feeling the benefits almost immediately.

IBM Cloud brings you access to comprehensive security and resilience protection, and a constantly growing global network of data centres. This means your clients’ data can stay safe from cybercrime, meet compliance requirements and remain agile to meet evolving business needs and challenges.

In this video, you’ll see how IBM Cloud adoption with VMware can be fast, easy and seamless, making new technologies and business models more accessible than ever for you and your clients alike.

Discover IBM Cloud for VMware in more detail in this infographic.

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