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As a part of IBM’s Making Data Simple series of informative podcasts, we’ve introduced a relatively new section appearing every fourth episode: Stories from the Field, hosted by Wennie Allen, of IBM Data and AI.

These informative debates focus on practical use cases of big data and AI, giving you an opportunity to share in experiences and perspectives from the world of business and industry.

For instance, according to the Economist, 70% of business executives rated analytics as “very” or “extremely important”: and yet just 2% say they have achieved “broad positive results”.

Discussing both innovative and tried and tested ways of overcoming barriers to AI adoption, Wennie Allen talks to Carlo Appugliese of the IBM Data Science and AI Elite Team about his insights from more than 100 client engagements.

They examine the challenges faced, offering expert advice on how to quickly improve business outcomes.

You’ll hear how companies are succeeding in achieving ROI and business objectives. And, finally, Carlo shares his perspective on how to get started with data science and AI.

The podcast is entitled, ‘Stories from the Field: Ep.3 – Success in AI adoption: customer experience and beyond’, and you can listen to it in full here.


The insights offered in earlier episodes of the series are also still available.


In Stories from the Field: Ep.1 – Examining the fraud business’, Wennie Allen asks Brittany Bogle to share her experience of real-life challenges organisations face when implementing an AI and machine learning (ML) solution.

A professional data scientist, and informed by her experiences helping business clients adopt AI, Brittany gives her perspectives on dealing with big data and real-time requirements in fraud detection, prediction, and prevention.

You’ll discover why AI/ML success is a team sport, as well as garnering some criteria and guidelines that are sure to improve the effectiveness of your data science team.

In the second episode, Stories from the Field Ep.2 – JPMorgan Chase: Pioneers AI in Risk prediction’, Wennie sits down with Elenita Elinon, leader of the Quantitative Research Analytics at JP Morgan Chase. Read all about it here. 

For her work eliminating risk and fraud, Elenita has been recognised as one of the top 40 Women Leaders in Data and AI.

Would you like to learn more from the experiences of IBM clients and partners in the real world of work and business?

Then listen in to the wide range of podcasts made available here.


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