IBM Cloud for SAP applications: SAP environments delivered on a security-rich, cost-effective cloud

IBM Cloud for SAP Applications can deliver SAP environments on a security-rich, cost-effective and flexible managed cloud infrastructure.

Hosted in a scalable, highly secure, enterprise-class IBM cloud environment, it can facilitate on-demand provisioning of SAP environments and help speed the delivery of SAP services.

Here are its key features:

Match the environment to the workload: Deploy multiple infrastructures appropriate for specific workloads, like CRM, ERP and financials.

Optimize the application lifecycle: Set up one infrastructure for initial application proof-of-concept and development/test, and another for production, each configured for best results.

Scale: Our highly configurable platform enables you to right size your server environment from day one and scale as required. With enterprise-class features such as rapid service activation and deactivation; infrastructure monitoring and reporting; and security and patch management, our managed cloud solution is designed so that you can focus on continuous innovation while we take care of the infrastructure.

Compliance: Out of 51 cloud data centres IBM has across the globe, 24 cloud data centres (spread across 15 countries) have been enabled to provide support for SAP Applications, providing choice for data centre selections and ensuring data residency compliance for large enterprise customers.

Economic benefit of a private network: Connect your SAP and non-SAP workloads either in the same data centre or across data centre around the globe through global private network backbone.  Important to note that there is no associated cost with data centre to data centre data move.

Hana/non-Hana Cloud options: Supports HANA and non-HANA workloads; production and non-production workloads. Enables integration between on-prem and cloud applications through hybrid cloud

Enterprise level delivery support:  Single worldwide delivery team provides technical support 24x7x365 with contractually binding SLAs
Provides expertise and best practices gained from years of experience in managing & operating security rich enterprise data centres around the globe

Flexible cloud management options:  Provides options to system integrators to offer revenue enhancing value-add capabilities to their end customers.

Unparalleled support to business partners to succeed: IBM provides access to subject matter experts, labs and garages to extend the cloud/application capabilities that provide enhanced values to the end customers.

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