SaaS Academy: growing your business with SaaS solutions

In this webinar, part of the Demo Days Come To You series, Bob Evans, Director of Technical Sales and Solutions of IBM Partner Ecosystem Europe looks more closely at SaaS solutions and explains why you need to focus on this area to be able to grow your business.

Bob talks about a variety of up-to-the-minute topics, including:

  • Why SaaS is so important in terms of future opportunities, both to partners and clients
  • Why IBM is the right partner for you to be working with, to maximise your success in the SaaS space

At present, the non-SaaS market is in a slow but steady decline, while the SaaS market is on the rise. Independent research is telling us that this market could be worth as much as non-SaaS this year, representing significant growth opportunities. It all comes down to the offerings you bring to this space.

Access the SaaS Academy webinar to get the full story. You’ll also be able to access the library of Demo Days recordings here too.

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