Rethinking priorities: Think Digital Summit, Italy, 18th June


There are many important themes to be explored at Italy’s Think Digital Summit: but it can all be summed up under the expression, ‘Together, we bring new stories to life.’

Everything has changed: needs, choices, investments.

The Think Digital Summit itself, of course, is a key example of the necessary changes we have to make, the adaptions we have to implement, the evolutions we must rapidly undertake.

Innovative technologies are rising to the challenge of the “new normal”.

In this new paradigm, IBM technology guides the choices of individuals and companies to lay the foundations for a solid and sustainable economic recovery.

Organisations of every kind, and from every area across the globe, are swiftly transforming themselves through new, groundbreaking options and solutions.


Thinking things afresh

The IBM experts of Italy’s Think Digital Summit will lead you into new scenarios with specific sessions on cloud, resiliency, security, smart working, and virtual customer engagement.

They’ll be backed up with real life cases, as explained by authoritative exponents from the economic and entrepreneurial world who have undergone transformations that are not only necessary but also remarkably advantageous.

Three main areas will be specifically covered in detail: Resiliency & Cloud, Security, Remote Workforce & Smart Working.


Exploring Resiliency & Cloud: Agile efficiency and resilience enhancing the Cloud

An enterprise’s necessary transformation requires revision and adaptation of IT processes, from DevOps to automation, and up to and including the governance of multicloud environments.

Flexibility and business resilience can be ensured by leveraging scalable, open and enterprise-ready platforms enabling a company’s integration into a wider ecosystem of enhanced technologies and services.

The ease of access and integration of these new cloud resources allows you to rethink approaches to resiliency, such as creating an incorporated Risk Management system aligned with business strategies.


Exploring Security: Addressing new cybersecurity risks

In the transition to adopt digital platforms, cybersecurity is more important than ever.

Yet the present, unparalleled situation and the resulting increase in remote working has only added to the cybersecurity challenge.

Even so, both organisations and their customers require an assured protection from potential threats.

IBM Security’s critical technologies deliver the vital proactive threat intelligence, insight, and visibility ensuring the prevention, detection, and agile response to all forms of cyberattacks.


Exploring Remote Workforce & Smart Working: optimising human resources and talent

Along with the increased digitisation of activities, employee expectations have changed.

Artificial intelligence tools and virtual assistants are already enabling people to work more efficiently and transparently, providing innovative experiences.

Various aspects, such as skills, productivity, engagement, and supporting infrastructures, all have an essential role to play in these new ways of working.

The challenge is to design and create the most dynamic digital operating model.


Bringing new stories to life

This year, more than any other, we need to think about how to accelerate the restart and transformation of your and your clients’ businesses.

It’s time to seize the opportunities of digitalisation’s “Chapter 2”.

It’s time to build the foundations of the “business platforms” of the future, via leading innovations like the Red Hat-enabled Hybrid Cloud.


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