Resiliency Orchestration: a Disaster Recovery Management solution

IBM Resiliency Orchestration is a unified disaster recovery management solution that delivers real-time Disaster Recovery readiness validation and offers clear business and operational advantages. This sets a new benchmark in the era of the ´always on´ enterprise. While the focus of traditional DR-solutions is mainly on IT infrastructure level, the Resiliency Orchestration builds an automated and orchestrated solution from the IT infrastructure level up to the application level. With one click you can start and manage automated IT recovery processes.

Benefits in terms of business value:
– Reduce the risk of losing revenue, generating cost, damage your image because of an outage or disaster
– Increase overall application availability and reduce downtime
– Full transparency through compliance and deviation reports
– Reduce your delivery costs by increased automation and Disaster Recovery workflows.

IBM Resiliency Orchestration allows monitoring of on-premise, public cloud and hybrid environments. You can test or start the fail-over and fail-back process. The simple dashboard monitors the complex application environment around the clock. Automated recovery procedures are drastically reducing manual work and potential errors. Agents can detect changes in the environment automatically. You do not need to rely on potentially out dated run books.

In addition to real-time data on the current Disaster Recovery ability you get detailed Standard Reporting to ensure compliance.

– IBM Resiliency Orchestration supports common platforms, applications and replication mechanisms.
– Intelligent workflows with automated individual actions allows a fail-over without manual intervention.

Continuous control of the disaster recovery functionality with the DR manager dashboard
– Easy monitoring of all IT recovery processes as well as their current status
– Information on the IT recovery maturity of your current applications
– A rapid alert system for any IT recovery processes which are not running seamlessly
– Real-time data about data loss as well as recovery time for your business applications
– Overview of the current and subsequent IT recovery processes

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