IBM Institute for Business Value: a field guide to multicloud

IBM Institute for Business Value a field guide to multicloud report

Today, working with a multicloud environment is the reality for most enterprise functions – many businesses are employing various cloud services to both drive innovation and assist business agility.

The problem is that, relatively few understand how to manage these environments effectively. By 2021, 98 per cent of organisations expect to be embracing multicloud architectures. But only 41 per cent currently have a multicloud management strategy and just 38 per cent have the procedures and tools in place to operate a multicloud environment.

So, you can see where this is going. What needs to happen is for businesses to harmonise their platforms, then they will be able to position themselves for greater competitive advantage and lower their costs.

Naturally, to take full advantage of these possibilities, businesses require a new approach to managing their multicloud environments. They need to take five crucial steps:

  1. Develop goals and governance
  2. Enlist help
  3. Move to the cloud
  4. Build in the cloud
  5. Continually adapt

In this report, we cover the challenges associated with multicloud management and take a closer look at:

  • How multicloud environments are increasing in surveyed organisations
  • The benefits of multicloud management
  • An approach to managing multicloud environments

Download the report for all the details.

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