Putting solutions in the context of industry to differentiate your service

It’s widely known that data will play a critical part in the future of enterprise IT, leading to more cognitive analytics solutions being developed by service providers. But, what’s just as important today is for providers to put those solutions in the context of industry.

Why? Because, the buyer is changing.

Over the past few years, we have seen decision-making shift from the traditional IT buyer, to line-of-business owners. In fact, around 60 per cent of new digital businesses are led by non-IT roles, controlling over half the budget.

These buyers are highly self-directed; they’ve already done a lot of work into their line of business, so as a service provider, you need to make sure your solutions are consumable from the outset.

Sign in to IBM PartnerWorld and watch the session from Think 2018 to see how IBM partners BlueIT, Clear Technologies and DataSkill have used their expertise and put their solutions in the context of industry to accelerate their businesses.

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