Protecting critical data in the cloud

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“Data is the new oil.”

IBM Security’s Chuck DeLouis, Data Security Services Senior Offering Manager, highlights the increasing importance of data by quoting an article that first appeared in The Economist.

Together with Amanda Sherman, Cloud Security Services Offering Manager, he takes part in an essential webinar discussion describing the many way you can protect your new ‘oil’, with relatively easily applied security measures.

As enterprises discover they can only stay competitive by moving evermore workloads to cloud, they also find the essential benefits including quicker speed to market and lower costs have to be balanced with a whole new way of approaching security issues.

Are you and your clients aware of the challenges that must be faced?

Are you also aware that there are a whole array of solutions ensuring you can address each and every challenge quickly and efficiently?


Recognising the new challenges

Providing an optimised cloud security is fundamentally more complicated than the risk management procedures utilised for on premises.

A full cloud architecture usually contains infrastructures that aren’t yours to either own or control.

Moreover, a hybrid structure involving both cloud and on-premise environments will come with disparate security systems.

Traditional security roles can no longer be expected to come up with the necessary operational procedures, for new skillsets are required, along with new tools, new architectures, and so on.

It has been estimated that by 2022, there will be 1.8 million unfulfilled cybersecurity jobs.

Along with all this, there’s a further complication: for wherever you or your clients are on the journey to cloud will affect the system you need to adopt and leverage.

That’s why IBM Security Services solutions have been carefully and specifically devised to help any organisation transition to cloud operations with complete confidence – no matter their starting point.


Optimised security from the edge to on-prem

In the webinar, IBM Security experts Amanda Sherman and Chuck DeLouis not only explore the new cloud security challenges enterprises face, but also share the cloud security solutions securing your data.

Innovative solutions that will also centralise security monitoring and policy management across cloud and on-premise workloads.

What’s more, IBM services provide support across all phases of the cloud journey.


Where are you and your clients on the journey to cloud?

There are 3 key phases to the cloud adoption journey.

Baseline and Strategy: formally starting on the cloud journey, or just starting to move workloads to the cloud – the position of 8.3% of the webinar’s original respondents.

Hybrid Environment: well into cloud transformation or primarily in a steady state operation – which 58.3% of respondents claim to be at.

Cloud Multi-Cloud: full cloud transformation or born-in-the-cloud organisations – 16.7% of respondents are already in this exalted sate of operations.

16.7% of the respondents confessed that they weren’t quite sure where they are on the journey – but IBM Security Services will enable secure data protection even in these circumstances.


Questions & Answers

Q: What are my security responsibilities on cloud and where do I start?

A: Security is a shared responsibility between you and your cloud service providers


Q: How do I manage policy across my on-prem and cloud environments?

A: IBM X-Force Cloud Security Services provide security + policy management through a single pane of glass


Q: How do I secure my critical data on cloud?

A: IBM Security Services offer Data Discovery + DLP solutions for workloads in the cloud


Q: What Shadow IT is being used in my organisation?

A: IBM provide a Shadow IT discovery service to help you establish a baseline on which forms of Shadow IT are used in your organisation


Of course, there are many other questions that need to be addressed with viable, sustainable solutions.

How do I keep up with changing compliance regulations?

How do I ensure security is being applied quickly to my cloud workloads?


To find the answers to these and many other questions you might have regarding full data security, register now to view the webinar.

You can also explore other security solutions and transformative journeys to the cloud here.

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