Making data simple: two secrets to business success

Making data simple two secrets to business success Podcast blog

In part one of this two-part podcast, host Al Martin talks with Rob Thomas, leader of IBM’s Data and AI division, about the need to de-mystify AI. Rob then takes a closer look at a ‘fail fast’ approach to data science, which involves running wide-ranging but short-term experiments – and to expect disappointment on the way to insight. Listen to part 1 of the podcast.

In part two, Al invites Rob back to talk about a variety of topics and the latest trends in enterprise analytics, in particular, how to tell the truth from the hype, examining Rob’s own strategies for staying current, connected and engaged in this quickly-changing space. Listen to part 2 of the podcast.

We hope you enjoy what you hear, don’t forget to catch up on our previous podcast, Analytics insights: making data simple, with Adam Weinstein, if you haven’t heard it already.

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