Perspectives on IBM Cloud: Linda Van Den Heuvel


In this video, you’ll learn how IBM can be the right partner when helping you bring your solutions to market, whether you’re a start-up or an existing partner.


“Hi, my name is Linda Van Den Heuvel, and I’m responsible for Watson and Cloud platforms in Europe, specially for channels.”

What capabilities are available for partners?

“I think that partners have to choose IBM, first of all, it’s a product range. It’s the full cloud stack starting from the application, all the way down to the infrastructure. We have it all, it’s cloud, it’s artificial intelligence – we can bring the full stack. We believe that hybrid cloud is the way to move forward, and all of our products are open-source based.

“The other thing that we can bring you as a partner, is that, if you’re a start-up, we have special start-up programs. If you’re in the market and you’re creating your solution, we have solution hubs, where you can bring your proposal, or your solution, and we work with you, with the architects, with all of the product managers.

“For the existing partners, we have great programs where we develop their business. We have technical expertise, we have industry expertise, for you to maximise the solution to bring it to market. We have business development people who can work with you to see how you can create most value into your solution. So really, the only thing you need to do is call us, and we will help you bring it to the market, and optimise your solution.”


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