Assima: How partnering with IBM enabled transformation


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Please share an overview of the business you are in:

Yes, Assima empowers the user to achieve more – and faster – on business applications. So we have a cloud-based solution that provides in the context, on the application, information, guidance and even recommend [the] next best actions.”


What are the key areas of importance in your business at the moment?

Today we focus on cloud, security and cognition. Security is very important when you address banks or healthcare industries.


What should partners like you look for in a technology partner?

So we look for advice, we look for expertise and we look for state-of-the-art technology. And we have found in BPSH [Business Partner Solution Hubs] a way to train our team in these new technologies and even new consulting approaches.


What is the advantage of the embedded approach?

So it brings us agility and speed-to-market, so we can really focus on our customer success. By having IBM technology in our solution, we can deliver higher value propositions to our client. One of the advantages of the ESA [Embedded Solution Agreement] is that it aligns with our own pricing model, so we don’t have to modify the way we address the client and we are completely focused, in our case, on ROI.


Why are you a partner of IBM?

So initially we engaged with IBM to build our own cloud. And IBM was able to help us to transform not only our offering but also our way of selling. Now we even embed IBM technology, such as Watson, and we use some IBM methodology such as Design Thinking.


How does a partnership with IBM add value to, and help you grow, your business?

We have a very interesting relationship with IBM. In fact, we have a 360-[degree] relationship with IBM. We are a client of IBM. We use the cloud, we use IBM technology like Watson, even IBM services.

But IBM is also our client. IBM use our solution and our services to address a number of clients’ needs. IBM brings us new clients and grows our business. This is a win-win relationship.


How do you see your relationship with IBM in the future?

I see two things in the future with IBM. First, is [to] accelerate and the second is growth. We accelerate; I see an acceleration in our relationship, expanding the relationship globally. And growth: we are doing today $10million of revenue with IBM and expect to achieve in the next two years $100million of revenue with IBM.

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