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“My name is Robin Vergauwen. I’m responsible for the IBM Security business within the Cronos Group. Well, first of all, Cronos is a system integrator. We have a lot of competence within that. One of our big competences is in security so we founded the FullBlue security brand.”


Why IBM Security?

“So, Cronos is already an IBM Business Partner for a long time. For IBM Security, we’re working for around ten years. We’re now at a state where we cover the complete IBM Security product portfolio, and what makes us strong in the market in the moment is that we have knowledge of each piece of the IBM Security immune system, and we know how to integrate them. Within Cronos, we have multiple competences with other products, so we already know how to integrate with already existing solutions and customers.


Describe your relationship with IBM

“We have a strong relationship with IBM. We work together on the sales space but also on the technical side. The most important thing is that we have built connections with the IBM Security development team so we have a direct line to talk with them.”


Key value to the customers on the solution

“At the moment, we see a lot of customers struggling with their security strategies, so we are doing a lot of security assessments and do the GAP-analyse of that customer – where he has problems in his security ecosystem. Based on those strategies, we will come up with some specific tooling. And at the moment we see a lot of customers still need to work on their detection, so we offer a lot of security intelligence technologies – so, QRadar. We offer it both as managed or an on-premise, or even hybrid, so that’s also the reason why we started our Security Operations Centre called Nynox, based on QRadar technology.

“The second thing we see is that if customers already do the data detection, they forget about remediation. So we also can provide good tooling to do the remediation, like Endpoint Manager as BigFix.”


How do you see your relationship with IBM in the future?

“We see the business around security is growing fast – everybody needs security. We see that IBM is investing a lot in it, so we’re going with IBM together to build on their solutions and innovate our solutions to keep our strong foot on the market.”


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