Perspectives from Roberto Mignemi, CEO, Omnitech IT


Video transcript: 


“I’m Roberto Mignemi and I’m the CEO of Omnitech IT. Omnitech IT is a security consulting firm and we started in 2007 as a small company. Now we are present in many European countries.”


Describe your relationship with IBM

“Our partnership started in 2013 when IBM created the Security division, and so we consolidated our business in Europe thanks to the integration of our expertise in every service area of security, especially in identity and access management. The completeness of the IBM suite in this case makes it the perfect combination.”


What advantages are you seeing from your partnership with IBM?

“The first reason of this success has been our customer-orientated approach in identity governance, where with IBM, we continue to give the market what the customer needs. It’s our brand to give a highly specialised level of consulting with the IBM products and services. We have expanded our business model in Germany, Spain and the Nordic area with more opportunities around governance.”


What challenges did you face?

“The main problem we were facing was skills. We were working to create a new consultant and to move part of the business to managed security services.”


Why IBM?

“Ever since IBM entered the market with the Security programme, we have found in IBM a solid foundation of products and services which covers the whole spectrum of security solutions. This is of great value and we have translated it into concrete solutions to many different clients in Italy and abroad: clients needing tailor-made solutions to a very present area of need.”


What are the main benefits of this solution?

“The main benefits for clients have been to find the right tools, the necessary level of expertise and the right suite of products all in one partnership. It’s a very rare thing that the clients appreciate immensely.”


How do you see your relationship with IBM in the future?

“The future is full of challenges but I think that IBM and Omnitech IT are one – or two – steps ahead of the competition. And we want to keep this advantage with our continuous work.”


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