Perspectives from Carola Cazenave, VP, Business Partner and Routes-to-Market, IBM Security


Video transcript:


“I’m Carola Cazenave, I’m the security business unit leader for Business Partners, Digital and Routes-to-Market. We are here in BPAC in Spain: it has been a great opportunity to meet many Business Partners that I already knew and some new ones. They have shown us their interest in our portfolio and our relationship; they are very engaged giving us a lot of feedback that we are taking to ensure that they can get more and more from us.

“I have shared with them: 80 per cent of IBM volume is through Business Partners today in the Security Business Unit. It has been like that since we began the Security Business Unit five years ago. So we are tremendously invested in our Business Partners: we want to make sure they have the enablement they need, the tools they need and that we work together with them, for our future and our growth together. We expect to grow a lot more in transactional, in SaaS, in services together, so the opportunities are just thrilling today!”


Watch this next video to gain perspectives from Business Partner, Omnitech IT, on the true IBM partnership.


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