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What challenges are you seeing in your customers’ businesses?

Many companies have already implemented reporting systems of any kind and some of them might think “that’s good enough”. But we believe strongly [that] steering a company only on the basis of reported historical data is like driving a car with the view in the rear-view mirror only.

Therefore in our opinion, it is rather imperative not only to implement a reporting system based on historical data, but also to carry out a business planning process based on these reporting systems.


What are the advantages of the embedded approach?

Our customers are predominantly mid-size companies. With that embedded approach, we are now able to provide these companies with, technologically, absolutely leading enterprise performance management solutions they otherwise would have no access to. That’s only possible with that embedded approach.

Furthermore, with the embedded approach, the IBM technology becomes [an] integral part of our solution. Now, as an integrated solution, our Cubeware licensing applies. Only our Cubeware licensing applies. No other licensing, like IBM’s TM1 [IBM Planning Analytics] licensing, no longer applies. And this enables us to offer our customer an unbeatable price/performance ratio with that embedded approach.


How does a partnership with IBM add value to, and help you grow, your business?

The partnership with IBM and our embedded contract we have signed enables us to provide to our customer a fully integrated enterprise performance management solution platform. Reporting, analysis and business planning in one single platform from one vendor. This approach is highly attractive to our customers and therefore gives us a clear competitive advantage.

Furthermore, the marketing and sales support from IBM enables us to address new potential customers that otherwise we would have no access to at all. This clearly helps us to grow our business. For us, the so-called ESA contract, the embedded contract with IBM, was a big step forward and a clear success story.

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Partnering with IBM and the embedded approach

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