Video series: How partners are transforming technology solutions with IBM

IBM DeveloperWorks took the opportunity at the Think 2018 event to speak to partners about how IBM technology is helping to transform their applications and solutions.

Watch the videos to understand how various IBM technologies can support you in delivering the applications and solutions your customers need.


Video 1: Bring your dark data into the light

In this video, IBM Champion and Braintrust Insights co-founder Christopher Penn explains why businesses shouldn’t sit on data for 2 key reasons: security risk and the fact that data is money for a company.

Using several technologies, including statistical languages (SPSS, R), databases and off-the-shelf marketing analytics products, coupled with IBM Watson, Braintrust has developed a solution that helps customers bring their dark data to light.

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Video 2: Shape your industry with AI code patterns

Watch this video to see IBM Champion Tanmay Bakshi discuss how developers can use the power of IBM Watson to develop solutions for challenges facing various industries, specifically the healthcare industry.

Learn why Tanmay believes that cognitive computing gives healthcare providers the opportunity to understand patterns in data that they may have been unable to recognise before.

You can also watch the webinar here to understand more about how you deliver valuable solutions to the healthcare industry.


Video 3: Everything old is new again with blockchain and cloud

Find out why IBM Champion and IBM Partner Glen Brumbaugh, of TxMQ, believes that the future a brand-new software stack made of cloud and blockchain technologies, in this video.

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Video 4: Augment the reality in your apps

Luigi Clivati of PIKKART, a company that creates augmented reality apps and works with computer vision and deep learning techniques, explains how all their technology is developed and runs on IBM Cloud.

Watch the video to understand how building and deploying apps on the IBM Cloud could simplify your services.


Video 5: Boost your data capabilities with machine learning

In this video, Brad Murphy, a content strategist for data science, business analytics, and machine learning, talks about operationalising machine learning, data science practice and management, and the latest in the Dummies® eBook series, “Machine Learning for dummies®”.

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Video 6: Champions change the world through persistent integration of AI

In this video, IBM Champion and CTO of Tiago Moura explains how he earned a lifetime championship recognition at IBM Think 2018, by chairing a lot of groups and doing a lot of communicating on all the different ways a developer can use available technology.

Tiago is one of less than a dozen people to achieve this honour; his company is weaving cognitive APIs into every bit of the enterprise space that they can, changing the world on the enterprise technology side through persistent integration of AI.

Learn more about Tiago’s and’s achievements by watching the video.


Video 7: Customers provide sellers with the answer to software problems

See Doug Isbecque of DataClarity Corporation discuss how to establish and run a user group and why they are so important to companies, clients, and developers in general.

Watch the video now to understand how establishing a user group could benefit your business.


Video 8: Take advantage of a free developer trial of Db2 products

Peter Bradford, program director for the Hybrid Data Management Platform, shares his philosophy on how the different offerings of the Db2 family come together and why IBM is delayering the barriers that may keep developers from trying an IBM data solution.

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Video 9: Give and get: Join a user group today

IBM Champion David Hablewitz, one of the founders of Seattle-based Bleeding Blue user group, talks about his group and how it is different from many user groups – it crosses disciplines within IBM software, including analytics, collaboration, and cognitive.

Watch the video to understand how running a user group in this way gives the opportunity to cross-pollinate.


Video 10: Automating your security software

In this video, IBM QRadar security app specialist, Alex Nivin, discusses how developers can add capabilities to QRadar software.

Alex’s own focus is on adding automated performance tuning and health check features to the QRadar software, and one of the apps his company Sciencesoft has built is called Qlean.

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Video 11: Best practices to establish content and business process management

Watch the video to see three-time IBM Champion and ECM and device expert Rohit Gupta tells his Champion’s programme stories, including how he established FileNet best practices.

You can explore IBM FileNet Content Manager by clicking here.


Video 12: Discovering new uses for existing products

See how IBM Champion Joerg Rafflenbeul (of the Heitkamp and Thuman Group and board member of, a German IBM collaboration solutions user group) surfed the IBM Think 2018 conference, looking for new ways to use his company’s IBM products.

Watch the video now.

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