Partnering with IBM: Perspectives from Henri Cujass


Providing Informix Managed Services, Leolo works very closely with the operations and development teams of their customers to implement compliant, secure and cost-effective database technology that helps their businesses run smarter.

Leolo believes that, as a technology partner, they need to be early adopters and define trends. And early on in their partnership with IBM they worked with Bluemix and Watson to develop their first own project, Lowica EQ, which brings together the world of technology and equestrian sports to help riders understand their horses through real-time feedback.

The key areas of importance for Leolo is speed to market, being able to deliver 100% availability of their systems for customers and to provide them with the right data in a short amount of time.

By partnering with IBM and taking an embedded approach, Leolo is able to offer leading products in the field of database technology, while marketing those products under their own brand.

Working with IBM also allows them the opportunity to explore new IT challenges and markets, and the ability to identify any new issues early on, giving them further opportunity to develop skills and business cases to incorporate any new initiatives.

Watch the video to learn how Leolo overcomes the challenges in their customers’ businesses with IBM technology.

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