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Please share an overview of the business you are in:

We are a technology company, a “solution enabler”, we work with customers to create Internet of Things solutions, connected objects.


Where do you think technology is headed?

Simplification is the most important thing. Before, technology was complicated and its use was limited. Now with the advent of mobile phones, with different practices, technology is moving towards simplification, so the idea is that we are doing complicated things but in a very simple way.


Why are you a partner of IBM?

Partnering with a company like us is a win-win partnership because we bring in fresh ideas and fast completion, and IBM brings all its history to the technologies and the history of their customers.

So it’s a partnership that is quite innovative because small companies like us and big companies like IBM are working together, in the end it’s to meet the needs of the customer.


What is the advantage of the embedded approach? 

Embedded Solution Agreement contracts make it possible to approach the customer securely. This is a three-way winning contract, so, right from the start, our customer knows that behind us there is an important structure like IBM which secures both the technical, and the commercial and business risks, and it’s a winning contract for us because we are backed by IBM; we have no contractual constraints, so we have freedom of action with our customer, but we are supported by the full marketing, commercial, and technical weight of IBM.


How does a partnership with IBM add value to, and help you grow your business?

We’re partnering with IBM for several reasons: because we are already proud to be a partner of IBM, not everyone gets that chance; for the technical background, I think the solutions that are offered to us are innovative solutions, the best on the market.

I say this because we are already users, even more, already a customer, we started as a customer of IBM products, so I can judge them both as a customer and as a partner.

When I go to see customers, I tell them that I am offering them this IBM product because I use it myself. And that’s an advantage compared to someone who is going to sell something but who doesn’t use it himself, we have the advantage of using IBM’s platforms already for our development and in prototyping, so we’re pretty confident when we go to see a customer and tell him to use this solution. We have the necessary distance to compare it with the competition, and the arguments to convince a customer about the platforms that are running this way.

We chose IBM to be a partner because they were easy to approach, we were treated properly right from the beginning, even though we were a small customer, which is not the case with IBM´s competitors.


What should partners like you look for in a technology partner?

The partnership with IBM is a real accelerator. Visibility, presence in the network, marketing, being present at trade fairs, this allows us to give value to our expertise, and increase the value of the products we use in relation to our end customers.

Ultimately, the goal of a partnership is to be in a win-win situation, and to find our place in that partnership.

I also think it’s a process that is quite rewarding for IBM, because their value is increased by the products created by companies like us.

Today, the time is for companies that are agile and innovative, large enterprises still have a future but the future belongs to start-ups.

I think our partnership, is gaining momentum, importance here, products are beginning to be structured. IBM is also structuring our access to the market, I think we can say that, within a year, the partnership will be strengthened, both because we are users of these solutions and also because together we will move ahead by seeing customers in areas such as energy and health, based on experiments that have already been successful. And I think the partnership will only get stronger and stronger.


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