White paper: Overcoming the challenge of creating a trusted data foundation

Data is the world’s most valuable resource – yet for many companies looking to transform their business with AI and other disruptive technologies, creating a trusted data foundation is a major challenge.

This whitepaper discusses that challenge in the context of IBM Cloud Private for Data; a new integrated data science, data engineering and app building platform built on top of IBM Cloud Private.

The whitepaper also explores:

  • The capabilities of the IBM Cloud Private for Data platform
  • IBM’s intent to provide an environment that will make it easier to implement data-driven processes and operations and, more particularly, to support both the development of AI and machine learning capabilities, and their deployment – this solves a significant problem for many companies
  • The issues arising from the need to operationalise machine learning and AI, and how IBM Cloud Private for Data helps to overcomes these barriers

Download your copy of the whitepaper now to understand how you can help your clients create a trusted data foundation with IBM Cloud Private for Data.

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