One cloud does not fit all

Cloud is all about business innovation and as the digital era continues to thrive it has become apparent that one solution does not provide a single fix for all.

As a service provider, it’s crucial to understand that every organisation has different data and computer needs and, as demands for a secure environment continue to rise, companies have quickly concluded that they cannot achieve what they need from a public cloud.

IBM Cloud Private is built with flexibility and designed for compatibility with leading systems manufacturers. This means you can easily bring app security and data isolation into your clients’ corporate data centres, whilst satisfying the promise of an easy-to-manage interface with the simple usability of public cloud. Exactly what your clients need.

This 10-minute guided demo will provide hands-on experience with:

  • Accessing the IBM Cloud Private Dashboard
  • Deploying a cloud-native microservices app to IBM Cloud Private
  • Validating the deployment

Log in to the demo and explore first-hand how to deploy a sample shopping app on IBM Cloud Private.

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