Multicloud management made easy

Multicloud management made easy - Video 1 - IBM MSP Hub

Innovation drives the need for a hybrid, multicloud architecture: but how do you deal with the complexities of this diverse environment and manage it all?

‘IBM Cloud Pak for Multicloud Management is the answer – an enterprise-ready, modular solution running on OpenShift.

Built on the pillars of visibility, governance and automation, it simplifies, secures and enhances operations management.

Utilising intelligent data analysis and predictive golden signals, it enables the orchestration of

all cloud environments via a single interface offering open standards tools and self-service access to ready-to use patterns.

As well as standardising infrastructure provisioning with common, repeatable, and scalable processes, it also comes with built-in support to improve DevOps and SRE collaboration.

Watch the video to see how you can grant your clients clear visibility of apps whether they’re on premise or the edge.

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Multicloud management made easy

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