Moving your clients to Cloud: perspectives from CloudFest 2018

Moving your clients to Cloud - CloudFest

Reflecting everything that’s exciting in Cloud technology and innovation, CloudFest gathered the industry’s chief movers and shakers together to predict future developments. There were 7000 plus attendees and, as we’re sure you wouldn’t want them to have an advantage over you, we’ve brought together the insights of Alexander Nyahoe, Business Development at LeaseWeb.

“We just have to tackle the issues around data security,” Alexander says, explaining that the aim of LeaseWeb – a global hybrid cloud hosting company based in Germany – is to adopt a tried and tested consultative approach “where we’ll stick with the companies, we’ll work through their workflows, and really find a tailor-made solution that’s best for them.”

Whereas a lot of the Cloud today is a click and buy, one solution fits all approach, that’s going to change, he assures us. “One solution doesn’t really fit all, and what we really need are these tailor-made solutions, and that’s what we’re, as a trend, that’s where we’re throwing our money in and that’s what we’re going to see over the next few years, we believe.”

Naturally, a lot of companies are moving towards the Cloud and, Alexander says, “we’re there to help them with that; it’s a large business decision, so we’re there to help coach them, and consult them, and to take the next step.”

Like everyone else in the business, LeaseWeb “need partners who really understand the customers’ needs, so they need to know what their business is, what their business model is, and how they grow.”

So how do LeaseWeb ensure they offer the right solutions for business growth?

“When we’re working with a customer directly, we’ll really look at their architecture, their workloads, the applications and what their business is, and we need a partner to do the same, and of course offer their solutions on top of that, so that we’re guaranteeing a full proposition, a full solution. We have our own data centres, so we’re very much involved with IBM on a global scale.”

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