Make older applications feel like new with IBM Cloud Private


For any enterprise, keeping existing enterprise applications updated and useful is often difficult. From integrating new technologies and practicalities as they emerge, to rewriting code created by staff who have moved onto other companies, it can easily be complex and time-intensive for your app developers.

The trend for more and more applications to be hosted on a cloud platform can make this even trickier. But help is at hand, through the integrated and secure IBM Cloud Private platform that allows developers to manage the whole process efficiently.

Through access to the IBM Cloud architecture database, developers can use recognised best practice to get their enterprise applications up-to-date, and help application estates meet today’s highly dynamic business environments.

In this video, you can see how IBM Cloud Private can help providing organisations like yours keep your heritage applications up-to-date, practical and relevant for your clients.

To understand more about how IBM Cloud Private can help you modernise applications, access our helpful infographic here.

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