MediStreams: Discovering IBM Cloud for VMware Solutions

Delivering solutions in the critical industry niche of healthcare IT, MediStreams’ initially built and managed its own data centre environment, and later transitioned to a cloud-based delivery model for its offerings.

However, with business continuing to expand, the company would need to extend its infrastructure to keep pace. MediStreams needed to team with a well-established cloud provider that could help it enhance the reliability and scalability of their cloud platform. They needed support and tools for its VMware environment, and dedicated hardware resources for its healthcare customers.

IBM provisioned IBM Cloud infrastructure, establishing connectivity with MediStreams’s existing cloud environment, and deployed the VMware vCenter Server on IBM Cloud offering to manage the company’s VMware resources.

Integrating IBM Cloud technology meant they were able to significantly reduce deployment time for their customers, and now have the flexibility to scale, cost-effectively, with IBM Cloud resources available on-demand. They also benefit from data sharing between sites at no extra charge.

Continuing to expand its offering portfolio and customer base, MediStreams is establishing a reputation for quick, agile solution deployment, enabling a competitive edge in the marketplace.

To learn more about MediStreams’ successful cloud journey using IBM Cloud for VMware Solutions, read the case study.

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