Mediktor: Improving access to healthcare with artificial intelligence

Healthcare providers around the world are struggling to handle a constant influx of patients, many of whom simply need reassurance, rather than treatment. In fact, around eighty-five per cent of cases that come into emergency rooms are minor illnesses that require no face-to-face interaction with a clinician, but instead could be handled via online or video services.

The challenge healthcare providers face is helping patients determine the correct path for them to take with regards to treatment. And this is where Mediktor can help.

Mediktor uses artificial intelligence to analyse a person’s symptoms and gives objective information to help them decide on their next step: for example, whether they should contact a doctor online, see a clinician face-to-fact or go to the emergency room.

Mediktor’s AI-assisted online symptom-assessment technology is powered by IBM Cloud, which allows the solutions to be integrated seamlessly into online services and workflows – making it the ideal solution for healthcare providers.

Read the full case study to learn more about Mediktor and the results achieved by partnering with IBM Cloud.

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