Mauden: Reinventing the in-store customer experience


Digital technology has created a game-changer in innovation that has disrupted every aspect of business. Customers demand a seamless and modern experience, and meeting those requirements in-store is still in challenge for the retail industry, as well as for all that are managing their digital transformations.

Operating in the Italian market for over 30 years, Mauden has been working closely with their customers in getting them to understand and prepare for technological evolutions, focusing heavily on being a next-generation solution provider with artificial intelligence being a speciality of theirs.

Mauden recently worked with the retailer Mondadori, Italy’s most extensive network of bookshops, who needed a solution that would create an interactive and intuitive experience for their in-store customers. This led to the creation of MyStore, a cognitive assistant designed to aid shoppers in identifying precisely the sales items they wanted.

MyStore is a digital touchscreen interface, physically present in Mondadori stores, which interacts with customers to produce highly personalised suggestions for purchases and gifts. It is based on Mauden’s GetInTouch software – a cognitive solution, developed in collaboration with IBM, which harnesses the power of IBM Watson.

Watch the video case study to learn more about Mauden and IBM’s partnership and how they created a whole new, digital in-store experience for customers.

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