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With working practices and operations shifting further towards mobile devices every day, ensuring that enterprise data is constantly secure has never been more important.

But the different factors that make up robust and all-encompassing mobile security are numerous and complex. Are your enterprise clients fully up to speed?

  • When personal devices are utilised for business purposes, is corporate data protected in the event of loss, theft or malicious activity?
  • Is their security infrastructure ready for upcoming regulatory changes?
  • Have the right employees got the right level of access to sensitive information?

This is where unified endpoint management (UEM) systems like IBM MaaS360 make the difference. Through integrated management of every kind of device, and with the help of the cognitive power of Watson, you can guide your clients along the path to a secure mobile business.

Try MaaS360 with IBM Watson with a free 30-day trial today, and start securely managing smartphones, tablets, laptops and IoT devices from an intuitive, user-friendly portal.

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