Let your clients scan every app, even on mobile devices


Would you like to be able to offer your clients the ability to perform static or dynamic analysis of an application – and any application at that?

In this webinar, Florin Coada, Technical Offering Manager at IBM Security AppScan, explains how this can be achieved, no matter which type of app requires scanning, and even where mobile devices are involved.

A series of recordings on Webex presented by the IBMer top Subject Matter Experts, Demo Days Come To You are filmed by the SaaS Academy to give you hands on experience of some of our top SaaS offerings. As well as explaining how IBM technologies advantage your clients, these webinars also reveal the opportunities they present in helping you grow your market in the business.

If you’d like to allow your clients to scan the applications on multiple devices, watch the webinar above.

You can see another specially prepared and recorded webinar here.

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